Are Personal Checks and the Checkbook Really Dead?

Personal Checks

In this world of online banking, you may have thought the checkbook and personal checks are dead, but that is not really the case. While many people do most, or even all, of their banking online, they still need a

Ways to Boost Your Credit Rating for Home Loans

Credit Score

Buying a property is a big decision and requires heaps of money so a home loan is an easy solution. However, home buyers need to hold a good credit score in order to get approved for mortgage. Your credit score

5 Tips To Getting Your First Car Loan

First Car Loan

When you are a first time borrower, the market seems like it is full of sharks just preying on your inexperience, and some of the lenders just don’t want to give you a go, as they cannot obtain any credit

How to Manage your Finance in a Developing Nation?

compare hero travel insurance malaysia petronas tower

As some analysts have suggested, we can expect Malaysia to become a developed country by 2020 –which is just seven years from now. Meanwhile, we should make both ends meet like the rest of our fellow men. Living in a

Seniors Carry Scary Debt Load Into Retirement – How To Downsize Debt Before You Retire

Seniors Carry Scary Debt Load

Recent reports suggest that more and more Americans are gradually stumbling through their retirement days carrying a heavy burden of high interest debt. All those seniors who are hoping for a long and happy retirement should immediately look for ways

What is the Art Of Saving Money by Staying Out of Debt?

Saving Money

The goal of all your complicated finance management measures is to actually save up enough money for meeting short term and long term future urgencies. However, you shouldn’t associate money saving with abstinence. You actually don’t need to deprive yourself

How a Bad Credit Profile Costs You Money and What You Can Do About It

Over the past few years with the debt crisis, a lot of people have discovered that they have a bad or poor credit profile. In the past, they might have found it possible to still get loans or mortgages with

Income Protection Insurance: Advantages and Disadvantages

Income Protection

Most people understand what insurance entails. For this reason, people have their property covered, from cars to boats and houses to business premises. It is a good decision to have the items covered against various forms of risk. However, it

Attending a Day Trading Course: Advantages, Tips for Survival and Tips in Choosing

currency trading

If you are just a beginning day trader, then it is useful to take a day trading course so you can learn the ropes. You can also take one if you want to improve in trading or if you are

Money Management for Dummies – Easy Ways to Make Your Money Go Further This Month

Money Management

We might be hearing news that the economy is finally picking up, but many people are still living hand to mouth. And if you’re yet to see any improvement in your financial situation, it can be frustrating trying to make