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Everyone has a dream growing up and for some of us the dreams stick to us like gum on the bottom of our shoes that keeps following you down every block. If you’re lucky enough to be talented and armed with experience to start working on making your dream a reality, finances can get tight if you have to work harder than you thought. Dreams are expensive and you will need to learn how to budget your lifestyle to give you the time off of your day job to work on your manuscript or invent your gadget. It can be difficult to work full time, attend night classes and work on your book while keeping your wallet full.

Life is expensive and needs to be paid for just to keep a roof over your head and food in your stomach. There can be a few things you can do to stay afloat. The first thing that should always be known when making any type of a lifestyle change that affects your bank account is that you should always live within your means. Living within your means is all about managing your current budget down to a T. You have to have some wriggle room to work with, so you may need to have a savings plan when you intend to lessen your work load in order to concentrate on “your craft” or whatever it is you intend to do with yourself.

The best thing to do is use your talents to supplement your talent. What I mean by that is look for a way to do what you love to make some money so that you can continue to work on your projects without letting finances get you down. If you’re a painter, think about getting a job doing something just as creative like painting murals for the city or a new office building that just opened up around the corner. You can approach a business and see if they would be interested in what you have to offer. You can build a nice portfolio at the same time. If you’re a writer, you could look for some freelance copywriting jobs to pay a nice sum during the week and work on your novel in the evenings. The cool thing about freelance work is that it’s all done on a by the hour basis or project basis.

The main thing is to get a little crafty, make some connections that you can use and try to snag something to supplement your living while you live the modest life of a starving artist.

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