Short on Cash? Sell Your Unwanted Items

Short on Cash

Are you one of those people who always spend the majority of your monthly wage as soon as it enters your bank account? Are you fed up with having to scrimp and save for the rest of the month until your next payday? Or maybe you’re just a bit short of cash at the moment? A really helpful solution to earn a few more pennies to tide you over until your next payday is to sell your unwanted items for cash.

If you received gifts in duplicate or even triplicate at Christmas, (can you tell I’m speaking from personal experience here?) you can box up the spares and sell them to make some money. Or perhaps you’ve received many gifts for your birthday that are totally unsuited to your tastes? As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to think of unique and exciting gifts. Your grandparents may forget that you’re not a youngster anymore, and as such, they’ll mistakenly think that you’re still massively interested in the same boybands you loved when you were 12. Rather than being ungrateful and hurting their feelings graciously accept the present and sell it on for some money to buy something you really want.

Or perhaps you’ve got a pile of never-worn, brand new clothes with the price tags still on? My mum and I always used to get in to arguments when we were out clothes shopping. She’d often pick out a hideous jumper and proudly hold it up, asking me what I thought of it. The honest answer was that it was disgusting and I’d never in a million years be seen wearing it. Of course, telling the truth often led to shouting matches and when you’re in a high street shop, that can be very embarrassing. Nowadays, I politely ask for whom the item in question is intended for, and if she says it’s for me, try to steer her in the direction of the clothes I do like.

There are multiple websites you can register on as a seller today. The likes of eBay and Amazon have made it easier than ever to sell unwanted items or handmade wares for a profit. If the products you’re selling are very popular or have a wide target market, it’ll be really easy to sell them. You’ll then has to think about how you’ll transport the products to the paying customer.

Choose a parcel service for all of your delivery needs. All you have to do is box up the item you’ve sold and clearly write the delivery address on the front, and the parcel service will do the rest of the legwork for you. With a parcel delivery service, you’ll save time queuing in the post office and probably save some money on postage whilst you’re at it.

With a parcel service, you can even arrange to have goods delivered as early as the next day for a small extra fee. Benefit from sending items in bulk and get a much cheaper price for your delivery. What’s more, the parcel delivery service will collect the item from your home at a time that suits you and deliver it straight to the door of the recipient. Selling your unwanted items for cash couldn’t be simpler. Try it today and see how much extra money you could earn.

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This guest blog was contributed by Jane Foulds a freelance blogger who often writes about courier topics such as where you can compare different parcel delivery services to find the best for you.

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